Why Choose Star?

“Never heard of Star? That's just the way we like it. We are the brand behind your brand. Our mission is to make it easier for you to do what you do best.

At Star, we recognise that every business is unique, so we’ll work closely with you as a true partner to truly understand your vision. That's why we've been around for over 40 years - We've provided thousands of Australian businesses with custom and sustainable supply solutions tailored to their brand with the high quality service experience that Star is known for.

Our one stop shop approach means that we can help you design and create unique packaging and promotional products, source your everyday consumables, and warehouse and deliver your products which saves you time and money.

In fact, we've done this for thousands of customers. From Glenorchy through to Karratha, each year we deliver a massive one and a half million products around the country and internationally too. From packaging products to cleaning to hygiene to PP&E, your merchandising needs, and everything in between, Star ethically sources the best products from all around the globe so that your business can focus on what it does best.



Our Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the most recognised brands who trust us to source, procure and deliver their branded products on time and at the right price.