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The Road to FSC

At Star Group we’re serious about sustainability, which is why we’re continuing to improve our systems and processes with the intention to become a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified business through 2024.

The decision to pursue FSC certification marks a significant milestone in Star Group’s sustainability journey. The Forest Stewardship Council, renowned for its rigorous standards and commitment to responsible forest management, provides a credible certification scheme for companies seeking to demonstrate their dedication to environmental stewardship and protection of the world’s forests.

The path towards FSC certification is not an easy one, requiring a comprehensive evaluation of sourcing practices, supply chain transparency, and adherence to strict environmental and social criteria. For Star Group, this journey represents a holistic commitment to sustainability that extends beyond mere compliance to embody our core values.

One of the key pillars of Star Group’s quest for FSC certification is our focus on responsible sourcing practices. We understand the pivotal role forests play in maintaining ecological balance and mitigating climate change. As such, we are dedicated to ensuring that our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests, where biodiversity is preserved, and communities benefit from fair labor practices

To achieve this, Star Group has embarked on a thorough assessment of our supply chain, working closely with suppliers to trace the origins of their materials and verify compliance with FSC standards. Through collaboration and transparency, we aim to foster a network of responsible partners who share our commitment to sustainability.

Through 2024, Star Group will continue to work towards FSC certification, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. However, our commitment to sustainability does not end there. Instead, it serves as a foundation for continuous improvement and innovation, driving us to explore new avenues for reducing our environmental footprint and making a positive impact on the world around us.