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HACCP Certified

For your peace of mind

At Star Group, food safety is paramount. We understand the critical role we play in ensuring the safe delivery of essential supplies to the food service industry. That's why we are proud to be HACCP certified, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety for all our products.

What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a globally recognised food safety management system that focuses on identifying and mitigating potential food safety risks throughout the entire supply chain – from procurement and storage to distribution and delivery. By implementing preventative measures at each critical control point, HACCP helps to minimise the risk of contamination and ensure the safety of food products.

Why HACCP Matters

Our HACCP certification signifies our dedication to:

  • Upholding the Highest Standards: HACCP establishes a rigorous framework for quality control. Every product we offer undergoes strict evaluation to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.
  • Implementing Preventative Measures: HACCP goes beyond simply testing finished products. It emphasises proactive measures throughout the entire supply chain, minimising the potential for contamination at every stage.
  • Building Trust with Our Clients: By achieving HACCP certification, we demonstrate our commitment to providing our clients with the peace of mind that comes from safe and reliable products.
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: Food safety is not negotiable. HACCP certification allows our clients to focus on what they do best – creating delicious food experiences – confident in the knowledge that their operational supplies meet the highest safety standards.

Partnering for a Safe Future

HACCP certification is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to food safety. We continuously invest in training our staff on the latest food safety practices. Additionally, we maintain rigorous quality control procedures throughout our operations.

By partnering with Star Group, you can be confident that you're choosing a supplier dedicated to providing safe, high-quality products.