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Reducing our carbon impact.

Working towards NoCO2

A Commitment to Carbon Reduction

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of Low CO2, a business recognised by the Carbon Reduction Institute. This strategic move strengthens our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving net-zero emissions. As part of this ongoing initiative, we are proud to financially support the China Wind Project.

The China Wind Project: Powering Change

This innovative project harnesses the power of wind energy to supply clean and renewable electricity to over 10,000 Chinese households annually. By supporting such initiatives, Star Groups plays a part in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting a cleaner energy future for generations to come.

Wind Projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and limits local air pollution, curtailing its negative health impacts. In addition to its environmental benefits, the implementation of the project creates job opportunities for local workers, contractors and suppliers, while the operation and maintenance of the wind park generates long-term employment positions.

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